How do I get started learning?

Check out our all-in-one beginners site: jmkride.com/learn

Be aware that learning to freeskate is a very challenging but rewarding endeavor. Don't be shy about reaching out to us directly for help, or post in our community group on Facebook!

How can I connect with the community?

Join "USA Freeskaters" on Facebook. We try to approve requests same-day, but please reach out via messenger or email if there is an issue with this.

Don't be shy to ask for help! Everyone in the freeskate community loves to help share this fantastic sport, and everyone was in your shoes at one time. No one has ever hopped on freeskates and been able to just ride away.

Any Assembly Required?

Yes, minor assembly is necessary. The skates are shipped partially assembled in a box. The decks must be attached using the included tool and the grip must be applied. See our assembly tutorial here: Assembly tutorial.

What is the Return Policy?

Please see our page Returns and Exchanges.

Where do you ship?

JMKRIDE has the ability to ship anywhere in the world. You can see the calculated shipping costs at checkout. We also have several international distributors which can offer reduced costs of shipping from their more limited selections.

See https://jmkride.com/shops for the full list of shops and forms.

For searchability I will list them here. We have specific shops for the following countries: Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain, China, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We also have country-specific contact forms to allow us to personally calculate your best shipping options. These forms include the following countries: Vietnam, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Latin America (Central and South America), Brazil, South Africa, and an other category.

When will my order ship?

Our policy is to ship next business day. With that said, it's our mission to get the skates to you as fast as possible.  If we can ship same day, we will depending on the time the order is placed. If there is a delay receiving your skates after your tracking is provided, please contact the shipping service chosen during checkout as we no longer have control over the skates making their way to you.

My question is not listed.

For Canada specific questions, you can reach out to us at jmkride.canada@gmail.com.

For anything else, you can reach JMKRIDE via jmkride.com/contact